Recycled Asphalt Tear Off Shingles (RAS)

EnergySmart contractors are being encouraged to recycle any tear-off shingle waste from local projects...


Unfortunately, because of increased recycling volume of shingles, lack of space and limited market demand for RAS, Asphalt Specialties has closed down their recycling operations in Erie and at all their other Denver Metro locations as of 5/28/11, until further notice.

At this time, only Brannan Sand and Gravel, at 61st and Pecos, and Owens-Corning/Heritage Environmental at 64th and Pecos, both in Denver, are receiving tear off shingles for recycling.

New Opportunities for the Use and Promotion of RAS

Though Boulder County tear off shingle recycling operations are now largely curtailed by the shutdown of Asphalt Specialties local collection point, there are other encouraging developments for the eventual end use of RAS in large scale paving projects:

*In March of 2011 The Colorado Department of Transportation approved a revision of Section 401, Reclaimed Asphalt Shingles, which modifies CDOTs Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction (in practical terms this means 10,000 to 20,000 tons of RAS may be used in CDOT approved paving projects this year).

*Asphalt Specialties has been awarded a contract to pave portions of State Highway 36 using a recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) and RAS mix design (the RAS portion shall be manufacturer scrap shingle stock in lieu of tear off shingles). More detail is provided below.

* A formal discussion with Lisa Friend and Jeff Callahan of Boulder County Resource Conservation Division and other recycling contractors occurred in April of 2011. This discussion helped with the gathering of initial information for a proposed feasibility study for the opening of a county Construction and Demolition Waste recycling facility which will include RAS and other construction material.

* The Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce Sustainability Action Council brought a group of 40 – 50 members of their business community and local government to Boulder County in April with an aim to learn more about our sustainability practices in the public, private and non-profit sectors. This exchange brought about productive dialogue with our Colorado Springs counter parts and how best practices in Boulder County may be useful models for our neighbors to the south.

Our English & Spanish Videos Help Your Team Learn How To:

*Recycle Asphalt Tear Off Shingles for Road Paving
*Create Physical and Intellectual Infrastructure for a Roof Recycling Enterprise
*Achieve Regulatory Compliance

Your Company Can Benefit From:

*Cost Savings
*Green Marketing Opportunity
*Creating a Profitable Recycling Enterprise
*GHG Reduction, Landfill Diversion
*The Latest Testing and Delivery Protocol

Watch the Training Video

Watch the Training Video

Training Video

Training Video

Monday, July 18, 2011

Other Recycling Opportunities: Commercial Roofing Material

Roof Cycle has been considering another recycling initiative in the area of single ply commercial roofing materials such as EPDM rubber membrane, PVC and TPO. Also under consideration for recycling is polyisonene and extruded and expanded polystyrene insulating foam. The asphalt from tar and gravel roofing also has potential end use.
RoofCycle is currently investigating the feasibility of initiating this type of recycling program for Commercial contractors.  This includes building a relationship with National Foam Inc., an entity with a recycling program and protocol to recycle the above mentioned commercial roofing products.  Additional research into the end use value, potential for local partners and sites, transport fees and overall cost effectiveness of such a program.
Overall, the green building industry has great momentum in the commercial building retrofit market and the potential for recycling opportunities for roofing products in this sector is both practical and well timed. It is also imperative that end-use for these recycled materials is established prior to development of the education and training portion of the RoofCycle model. RoofCycle education and outreach has been a key part of the success of RAS in Boulder County and there is potential for this momentum to continue into the commercial sector.


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  7. I believe when it comes to recycling EPDM rubber roof and the metal roof are the best contenders. Metal in any form roof, utensils, ornament etc can always be recycled and actually is always recycled. These days, most of the world is going green and demand for environment friendly products is growing, so its wise to keep an eye on future, use only recycled roofing materials and leave a better planet for our descendants.

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